Stanislaus Zoltko

We are looking for the family of Stanislaus Zoltko, born in Sonnenburg/Słońsk in present-day Poland on June 2, 1923. An unmarried man who worked as a farmhand, he last lived in Brzeziny in Kielce County. From there he was deported to the German Reich as a Polish forced laborer. In May 1941, he was registered by the employment office in Augsburg and sent to work for Alois Donderer in the neighboring town of Dinkelscherben. The employment offices in Germany and the occupied territories were in charge of the work assignments of forced laborers. The Secret State Police (Gestapo) incarcerated Zoltko in the Augsburg prison in late November 1943 for alleged theft. His transfer to Munich on December 18, 1943 was followed by deportation to the Dachau concentration camp. There he was registered as a “labor re-education prisoner” with the number 60564. After the camp’s liberation he received treatment in a DP hospital.

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